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Friends, Yesterday, 4/2//2014, I contacted your company because I had been having a number of annoying, even exasperating, computer problems including relentless pop-ups, painfully slow responses to about everything I tried to do on the computer, had lost complete access to my email system four days earlier and other things too numerous to mention. After explaining my difficulties, I ultimately was assigned to your most capable and courteous Support Technician, Alex, also known as Operator #4. I granted Alex control of my computer and then, at his request, I engaged in other pursuits for a reasonable length of time and when I returned, my computer seemed completely repaired and there was a note from Alex informing me that he had successfully completed the overhaul. Now, some 24 hours later, my computer is quickly responsive and appears to be devoid of problems. Thank you very much, Alex.

Bill Poindexter


I am very pleased with PC Optimizer Pro. It has stopped my computer from running slow and Sean, my technical adviser is awesome. I recommend them without reservation. Thanks so much Sean!!!

Kimberly Tate


i appreciate your help Sean. You are very supportive and thank you very much for excellent service.



Dear PC Optimizer, When I tried to put the license key I just purchased yesterday and it did not work, I was so very worry, so I called and talked to Sean. He is super genius and a great person !! He puts my worry in ease the minute I talked to him. He is very patient in guiding me through the process that usually freak me out as I saw someone took over control my computer mouse. Sean you are the BEST !!! Again, thank you so very much and I definitely will spread the word on how good and excellent Technician you are

Maria Austin


Today was the second time "Alex" "online support technician" operater #4 has helped me with my computer. The first time was to diagnose the multitude of problems and because he was not only thorough, compassionate and NICE is the only reason that I had him fix my computer. I am completely sold & will ask for Alex again. Thanks again Alex!

Tara DeLeone


I would like to recommend Sean for job will done. He is great help. He is very knowledgeable and compassionate to the people in need of help. i work in environment that t.....[+]
Eddie C Saez , USA
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