PC Optimizer Pro updates have been installed successfully
The updated version of PC Optimizer Pro contains the following:
Now Enjoy ‘Idle Time Full System Scan’
PC Optimizer Pro will initiate a full system scan automatically when your PC is idle for at least 1 hour.
Best detection rate ever
PC Optimizer Pro now scans your registry inside-out to detect even the most complex items.
Revised algorithms
More efficient and technically-adept optimization algorithms to take complete care of Windows registry.
Best-ever system cleanup
Improved detection and clean up of system and Internet junk files
Improved scheduling
Updated version offers improved scan settings and customizations for better scheduling
PC Optimizer Pro Older Version
PC Optimizer Pro Released on 5 October 2013
PC Optimizer Pro Released on 3 September 2013
PC Optimizer Pro Released on 5 August 2013


Discount Testimonials
I have been using PC Optimizer Pro for nearly a year. I find it a very handy must have tool that keeps my computer running smoothly by regularly checking various components and fixing everything with potential to harm or slow my PC ...[+]

Argylle, London, UK
I have been a user PC OPTIMIZER PRO for several years and have not been disappointed with it's ease of use, accuracy, and updating capabilities. The advertised claims are genuine and not over extended as in some other products on the market ... [+]

Dennis Amorose,CA
The first time I used PC Optimizer Pro, it found over 700 megs of junk that had accumulated on my computer. We have to thank this company that is cleaning up the mess created by Windows poor implementation ...[+]

Laurent Gauthier, NY
Having encountered a number of operating issues with my computer I searched for a remedy and found the PC Optimizer Pro program. Installing this resolved all the issues and the computer is now running smoothly and efficiently again ...[+]

Adj, Cardiff South Wales
PC Optimizer Pro has been on my computer through 3 operating systems and I have checked out lots of ways to optimize, let me tell you! The way they have it organized is fantastic and I love that all those non-existent files and keys no longer have a link associated with them ...[+]

Randy,Bisbee, CA
My sincere thanks to support staff for your prompt, knowledgeable and fabulous service. I spend a lot of time on my computer and keeping it running smoothly ...[+]

Garry Sr, Kelowna, BC
I have tried many other products but your PC Optimizer Pro beats them all ...[+]

Vikas Tyagi, Dubai
I do appreciate your prompt service & support. No matter how many times I've reloaded windows or transferred PC Optimizer to my new Windows 7 computer, you were always there to count on. Keep up good work ...[+]

Byron Wagner, US
My computer was losing speed like driver when he spots a Patrol Car. I had 213 problem on my computer and they were detected by PC Optimizer Pro, and I got them fixed right ...[+]

Chris Erie, US
I am very pleased with the operation of PC Optimizer Pro. It allows me to maintain my PC without doing things I might otherwise consider 'dangerous' to try to clean up.However, my best praise is for the support team. I had a problem, and with 'no questions asked' as far as producing credit card bills, etc ...[+]

Vincent, Amsterdam
PC Optimizer Pro is excellent software for fixing and deleting critical errors in your pc. I personally experienced that and I have no errors anymore ...[+]

Mark H,CA
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