Program Uninstaller
PC Optimizer Pro has an effective and efficient Program Uninstaller to help you remove programs installed on your system without any difficulty. In case you face troubles while uninstalling a program using Windows control panel´s "Add or Remove Programs" applet, this simple uninstaller can prove handy to remove that program without any installation errors.

Benefits of PC Optimizer Pro Program Uninstaller

Program Uninstaller is a fast and powerful substitute to "Windows Add or Remove Programs" applet and can remove programs completely without leaving any traces¸ registry keys or back up files behind. Even if some files or references are left behind after uninstall¸ the Invalid Registry scan tool of PC Optimizer Pro will remove them on next scan.

To uninstall a particular program, you can select it from a list of programs generated by the uninstaller, and then click Uninstall to process a fast¸ one-click removal of the program. The list shows all installed, partially installed and partially uninstalled programs on your computer.


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