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Startup Manager | Optimize Startup Slow & Lazy PC Startup Manager | Optimize Startup Super Fast PC Startup Manager | Optimize Startup
Download Free Startup Booster
(Free download is a limited demo only)
Startup Manager | Optimize Startup
Startup Booster Utility
Allows you to control what programs run at system startup when you power up or log on to your PC.
Boost Performance Startup Manager | Optimize Startup
Startup Manager | Optimize Startup
PC Optimizer Pro comes with 6 additional, inbuilt utilities.
Registry Optimizer Registry Optimizer Tracks Eraser Tracks Eraser
Registry Optimizer scans your Windows registry to find and fix any incorrect or obsolete information so your system runs fast and error free. Tracks Eraser protects your privacy by cleaning up all the tracks of your internet and computer activities, giving you peace of mind.
File Shredder File Shredder Software Uninstaller Software Uninstaller
File Shredder permanently erases files from your disk without the possibility of them ever being recovered. A vital function because even when you trash files or reformat your hard drive, sensitive data can still be recovered and compromised. Software Uninstaller uninstalls programs for real. It replaces the faulty Windows utility which clogs up your system with unwanted and leftover files.
Detailed System Info Detailed System Info Software Uninstaller Windows Tools
System Info gives useful pieces of information regarding your system's configuration. Windows Tools is an umbrella utility of PC Optimizer Pro that gives a user multiple ways to manage different sorts of Windows related functions of their PC.
Download Free Startup Booster
(Free download is a limited demo only)
  My purchase of PC Optimizer Pro was probably one of the best investments I have made for my computer. While skeptical at first, PC Optimizer Pro has proven to be exactly what was promised....[+]  
-- Pat Massi, Sacramento, CA
  I bought PC Optimizer Pro two years ago and been using it , and after I built my second computer last week I ordered PC Optimizer Pro because my computers run fast and efficient free of troubles. It is the best product I ever used....[+]  
-- Edward Loucka
Skeawood dr.-Marion,Ohio 43302
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